Moen Survey Reveals Surprising Showering Behaviors

December 13, 2023

It might seem that a shower is pretty standard … wash hair, soap up, shave … but it turns out Americans are doing much more in the shower than just a simple shampoo – from watching TV and listening to audiobooks to even eating oranges to improve mood and ease stress and anxiety. In new research, Moen, the number one consumer faucet brand in North America, peeked behind the (shower) curtain to discover Americans’ most intriguing showering secrets.

Getting Clean and Cleaning Up

Besides the typical hygiene habits, the Moen survey found that Americans also use the shower for some rather unique routines.

It’s probably no surprise that over 80 percent of women shave their legs in the shower but turns out about 18 percent of men shave their legs in the shower occasionally, with about 8 percent reporting that they shave them at least once a week. Additionally, nearly a quarter (23.1 percent) of Americans brush their teeth while showering.

Other cleaning tasks also have made their way into this space, with 20 percent of Americans cleaning the shower as they’re using it and some even washing clothes while they shower.

Even more surprising, about 15 percent of Americans have showered with their pet – taking the idea of pampering your pooch to a whole new level.

Rinse, Repeat … Watch TV?

We’ve all heard of singing in the shower, but it turns out Americans are going above and beyond a simple shower-karaoke session. According to the Moen survey, Americans reported watching TV and listening to audio books while in the shower, with 9 percent admitting to using a smartphone. Other unusual habits include drinking a beer.

Unwinding Under the Water

While it’s obvious that the shower is a spot for getting clean, it seems it’s also a prime moment for some “me time.” Ninety-six percent of Americans consider a shower as a primary form of self-care, with 71 percent saying that it improves their mood.

“At Moen, we’re committed to creating exceptional experiences with water in the home – and that includes a shower that not only helps with hygiene but also provides a spa-like moment of relaxation,” said Andrea Maher, manager, brand marketing at Moen. “From soothing rainshowers to customizable spray settings and even aromatherapy, we offer an array of showerheads that can provide that ideal moment of self-care for almost any showering preference.”

The survey also found that Americans are willing to invest in their showerhead to create that ultimate self-care moment, with 40 percent saying they would spend more than $50 to improve their showering experience.

“With our increasingly busy lives, a focus on self-care won’t be going away any time soon,” added Maher. “While we can’t solve all of the stressors in Americans’ daily lives, we can continue to innovate to provide showering options that elevate the showering experience, making it easier and more enjoyable to find those moments of self-care.”

Photo credit: Moen