Antoniolupi Cartesio

February 9, 2024

The new modular system from Antoniolupi called Cartesio consists of seat and back elements that can be combined in various positions and sizes to create custom compositions in the bathroom space. The Cartesio system is made up of essential and absolute shapes that can be integrated in both the shower space and other areas of the bathroom.

These modules can be used to create diverse compositions based on their location, size, and materials. Ideal to accommodate countertop washbasins, lifting them from the ground. They also offer a scenic backdrop that enhances the volumes of the basin, thus helping to define a domestic microarchitecture with balanced proportions, full and empty spaces, close-ups, and perspective backdrops.

Cartesio’s versatility is extended to the basin area, where it can easily and functionally hold facial care accessories and other personal items, adding elegance and perfection to the bathroom.

Photo credit: Antoniolupi