Marmi Hamilton Demilune Vanity

February 2, 2024

With its rounded sides and open shelves, Hamilton 60-inch Demilune Vanity–part of the Marmi Editions No. 2: Bath line–balances a striking scale with subtle intersections, complex primal geometries and the rhythmic fluting that captures light and shadow on its façade. It’s shown in Picasso, honed with Burnished Brass metal.

Editions are brilliantly designed pieces that extol and explore natural stone, blending the company’s exclusive materials, customization, and artisanal expertise with studied design, seamless delivery, and exceptional service. For this Edition, Marmi tapped Neil Zuleta as the new Creative Director to reveal a refined point of view on an essential ritual: the bath. Zuleta is uniquely positioned to support continuity and bring a fresh rigor to the vision for Marmi Editions. As a partner in House of Hunt and longtime design director for Holly Hine, he has been an integral part of this adventure since its start. Building on the design vocabulary established in Editions No. 1: Mantels, the offerings for Editions No. 2: Bath include a full array of vanities, washstands, pedestal sinks, wall-mounted basins, vessels, and tubs – each carved from a single block of stone. Fundamentally architectural, with undulating contours and angled planes, these iterated forms enhance the opulent complexity of their material. Infinite in its variety, the stone reflexively adds soul and dimension to objects with a restorative quality, grounded in ancient inspirations and the natural world.

Photo credit: Milo Brown Photography