Agape Cenote a Colonna

July 11, 2023

Cenote a Colonna, part of the magnetic and multi-sensory washbasin series designed by Patricia Urquiola for Agape, explores the expressive potential of clay in a new pedestal model.

In Cenote a Colonna, the circular basin and the linear design of the column merge in a seamless material and architectural continuity. Both elements are crafted from natural or dark refractory clay, shaped by hand on the lathe, resulting in unpredictable surface variations.

Breaking away from the typical decorative styles found in the bathroom, the freestanding model of Cenote also astounds and captivates, introducing fresh emotions to the bathroom setting. The outer surface deliberately retains its rough texture, while a captivating interplay of contrasts emerges with the glazed and polished interior of the basin. 

The basins are available in two sizes and two exterior finishes — natural earth and dark earth — both featuring a transparent enameled interior. The natural earth version boasts a creamy white interior, while the dark earth version showcases a stunning blue interior.