Fir Italia Special Outfits Finishes

August 10, 2022

Fir Italia introduces Special Outfits, four unique finishings in taps and mixers, intended for special and exclusive settings. In the same way as one wears extraordinary outfits to gala dinners, The Outfit program includes a new family of finishings of style and elegance. They embody a glam concept, with an iridescent effect that gives them a different color depending on how light is reflected. 

In Ocean Dream (pictured), the deep blue of sea abysses holds thrilling solar and lunar reflections. Blazing Sunset allows the warm light of the sunset to illuminate the room. Brown Caramel is a warm caramel shade merged with bold iridescent reflections, ranging from amber to burnished. Mocha Coffee is a color scheme that progressively lights up, from dark shades towards carmine highlights.

The Outfit program’s wide range of finishings provides for virtually endless customization thanks to Fir Italia‘s Advanced Superfinish Process (ASP), an innovative technology based on a combination of cutting-edge production processes, that go beyond PVD or RAL painted finishings.