Franz Viegener PVD Satin Greystone

October 16, 2020

Franz Viegener, the modern amalgam of South American style and German engineering, is launching a sophisticated new finish that will be widely available in early 2021 – PVD Satin Greystone. Franz Viegener‘s latest addition to its range of finishes was designed to improve upon the popular graphite finish, achieved through a complex PVD process. The result is a silky charcoal with an inviting, tactile sheen and true depth of tone for distinctive design with durability and longevity.

As with the brand’s PVD Satin Black, the new Greystone finish is also fingerprint-proof. Because this new finish is mastered with PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, which fuses evaporated metals like titanium, zirconium and chrome onto the product, the resulting finish is three times harder and 10 times more scratch-resistant than traditional electro-plated finishes.