Franz Viegener Techno Chic Collection

September 14, 2023

Franz Viegener has released Techno Chic, a new collection of bath fixtures. Building on the success of the brand’s Industrial Chic concept and silhouette, this line is inspired by the evolution of machines from functional tools to the point at which they become refined technological instruments.

Franz Viegener’s new collection is another example of the brand’s ability to marry engineering prowess with divine artistry. Technology and design converge within the nuanced details of this collection. Featuring an eclectic, futuristic design with modern accents, Techno Chic is constructed to facilitate natural grip – effectively preserving and concentrating force of the handle pivot. The contemporary silhouette and tactile components lend a contemporary and innovative edge to this stylish line of fixtures, making it especially versatile. The full collection includes faucets and tub fillers with widespread, wall-mount, deck-mount and freestanding floor-mounted options.

Techno Chic raises knurling from an engineering feat to an expression of pure sophistication. Textured detailing on the spout -– available in either “linear” or “knurling” – is a subtle nod to the gears and machinery that inspire the collection. Round or lever handles feature matching etched details. The exquisite elements of Techno Chic combine the essence of elegance and functionality in perfect harmony. The collection is available in 12 finishes, including nine PVD options ranging from polished nickel to satin black.