Glass Design Crystal Water

February 7, 2024

The exquisite design and artisanal “Made in Italy” craftsmanship that characterizes the entire Glass Design product portfolio is supremely apparent in Crystal Water, the company’s brand new crystal tap series which offers both deck and wall-mounted versions. This unique and captivating collection takes its inspiration from the beauty of water, paying homage to its transparency and the way in which its changing flow highlights and captures the light.

The purity and refinement of the cut crystal combined with elegant fine metal gives rise to a new tap concept embodying a soul that is as classic as it is contemporary and conjuring up a delightful sensory experience for the user. The further possibility of creating a seamless environment thanks to coordinated Glass Design basins guarantees a luxurious look worthy of the most sought-after bathroom and cloakroom settings.

The Crystal Water collection consists of two different tap types, CWT (Crystal Water Tower; shown above) items which are deck-mounted in nature and CWF (Crystal Water Fall) which are wall-mounted in style.

Photo credit: Glass Design