Kos Beam Countertop Basin

April 14, 2021

Beam from Kos, signed by the U.S.-based studio Visibility, curiously combines archetypes of product design and architecture in a contemporary idiom redefining the idea of the bathroom. The collection includes a countertop basin made of Biobased Cristalplant, available in three colors – in addition to the classic white, the warm new finishes are terracotta and dove gray – with a container shelf, in natural wood, available in two sizes and two colors.

In the design of the Beam washbasin, Visibility evokes the image of a bowl or basin: ancestors of today’s washbasins recalling simple acts associated with nourishment and self-care, inspiring Beam’s simple, familiar shape. The basin is characterized by the presence of an internal ledge, meant to give more space to accessories or taps, with a functional and empathic language.