Susan Dunn Luxury Collections Eternity Collection

October 27, 2023

Susan Dunn Luxury Collections, a luxury lifestyle brand, unveils new fine faucetry and hardware, including the Eternity Collection. The faucets and spout set make an elegant addition to any fixture, with a gorgeous escutcheon and a gracefully descending profile. Susan Dunn’s signature yin-yang design seals the piece with a reminder of “peace through water.” Four arms twist in eternal movement, in the meticulous metalwork style that embodies the Eternity Collection. Grand escutcheons rest below with water-based designs present throughout.

For most, the bath area is a refuge, a haven for rejuvenation and relaxation. Susan Dunn ensures that all her bath products make their users revel and enliven as they shower and luxuriously soak in the tub to refresh and revitalize. Susan Dunn captures the essence of relaxing in style with the perfect vanity, bath and shower sets intricately fashioned in solid eco brass, assembled by artisans and fine craftsmen, and finished in a choice of 16 Signature Patinas.

Photo credit: Susan Dunn Luxury Collections