Victoria + Albert

May 26, 2017

Victoria + Albert introduces the new Unlacquered Brass finish for bathroom faucets. After making an impressive resurgence in popularity from their heyday in the 90s, today’s brass fixtures showcase a warmer and more sophisticated vibe than the bold brass of decades past. Victoria + Albert now offers its Unlacquered Brass finish for all Florin and Staffordshire faucets.

Known as a “living finish,” Unlacquered Brass ages naturally over time, developing a unique patina over the lifespan of the fixture. The absence of lacquer allows the durable solid brass to gradually darken and reveal subtle undertones of color and texture. The evolving look may be used to create a feeling of Old World elegance in a traditional setting or to contrast with the clean lines of a contemporary décor. If desired, the finish can be maintained in a polished state with the regular use of a metal cleaner.