Watermark Designs Crushed Terrazzo Covers

December 25, 2023

Watermark Designs, the Brooklyn-based manufacturer of luxury residential and commercial faucets, expands its Elements Collection with Crushed terrazzo covers. Crushed joins a pre-existing line of bold faucets in 24 handcrafted metal finishes and three insert options, bringing the total number of covers to 20.

The allure of terrazzo in interior design has transcended beyond the realm of flooring and continues to thrive among high-end fixtures. With no two pieces alike, the new covers are enhanced by a blend of recycled glass, white marble and mother of pearl, carefully mixed with cement and hand polished. These additions are further complemented by four neutral supplementary shades — bedrock, pebble, pumice and rocksalt — that anchor the complete line in timeless elegance and redefine bathroom aesthetics.

The Elements Collection fully embraces the incorporation of natural details in modern design. The exhibition of raw materials and organic tones throughout the range creates a sense of balance within a living space, transforming it into a tranquil retreat. The incorporation of terrazzo covers not only reinforces this concept but also introduces a holistic layer of design within the bathroom.

Photo credit: Watermark Designs