May 2, 2016

BainUltra has redesigned its air jet tubs in two of its most popular therapeutic bath collections – the Evanescence and the Charism. Sized to be just right for a single bather, these newest tubs are ideal for compact bathrooms where floor space is precious and value is prized.

The Evanescence 5936 is a freestanding tub that makes an elegant focal point for any bathroom. Measuring 59 by 36 by 28 inches, its flowing lines and roomy interior allow for full body immersion, while a gently sloped backrest supports the head and nape of the neck with uniform heat along the spine.

The Charism 5736 features a handcrafted band of color that outlines the exterior of the tub. The band is available in a variety of colors and shades of crystal rock and copper, and its vibrant stripe contrasts nicely with the minimalist shell of the tub. Measuring 57 by 36 by 23 inches, the Charism has an easy-access design with a variable deck width and gently inclined sides.

The two tubs are part of BainUltra’s Thermomasseur collection, which offers hydro-thermo massage to relax the body and mind, relieve back pain and muscle aches, stimulate blood flow and eliminates toxin. Both models include heated backrests and headrests, as well as remote controls.