Bemis Haven Bidet Seats

February 22, 2024

Bemis will introduce its Haven 2000 and Haven 500 bidet seats at KBIS 2024. The Haven 2000 offers a slim design, instant heating technology, and a dual-nozzle system for thorough cleansing. The Haven 500 combines easy-to-use controls and low-profile design, providing consumers with a visually appealing and cost-effective solution for enhancing their bathroom experience.

In addition, building upon its successful introduction at CES earlier in January, the company introduces the Bemis Living App, enhancing the user experience of its new BB1200A bidet seat. Through the app, users can personalize bidet settings by setting the duration, temperature and pressure of each bidet function, giving the user complete control over their cleansing experience. Equipped with advanced technology, the BB1200A bidet seat is the first of the company’s bidet seats to complement the app.

Photo credit: Bemis