Drummonds Bespoke Baths

December 28, 2022

The latest development in Drummonds’ ongoing design collaboration sees mural artist Nancy Daniell decorate two bespoke baths. Working entirely freehand, using traditional Chinese brushes, it took the artist four days to paint each bath. She looked to Pinterest for initial inspiration, delving through nature-related boards as well as those with vintage themes.  Having sifted through various ideas with Drummonds, she eventually arrived on the Vintage Circus and Shoal designs.

A true showstopper, Vintage Circus draws on traditional, nostalgic circus imagery and themes. Featuring a chaotic assortment of exotic animals, trapeze artists, strong men and contortionists, it has a playful feel and incorporates bold colors, as well as iridescent  elements that complement Drummonds’ metallic finishes. Vintage Circus is painted on the Swale bath. 

The second design, Shoal, offers a real sense of movement and fluidity, as the Wye bath has been adorned with a teaming shoal of small fish, which appear to flow in tandem with the natural curve of the bath. Painted against a dark blue background reminiscent of the sea, Shoal has a calm, peaceful feel, perfect for any bathroom.  

Hand finished to order, Drummonds’ cast iron baths are available in a range of bespoke finishes and can be painted in the client’s chosen design, creating a truly unique bathroom centerpiece.