Duka Shower Enclosures for Niches

July 3, 2022

Duka has introduced shower enclosures for niches because the best way to exploit a niche in the bathroom wall and make it functional is to create a shower area. Solutions by Duka designed for niches make it possible to exploit the full potential of the bathroom space, transforming the niche into a comfort zone, reserved and protected, for daily well-being. 

Duka shower enclosures for niches are designed to ensure freedom of personalization thanks to the possibility of choosing from a variety of solutions. In fact, they allow you to choose between framed, frameless, partially framed or flush-mounted solutions, with folding door, pivot door or sliding door, and between a variety of finishes available for the profiles and for the glass. In this way, Duka’s shower enclosures for niches respect the architecture of the space, accommodate its style and satisfy the aesthetic taste of the customer.

Framed solutions are ideal for ensuring great adaptability of the glass, especially in case of sloping walls. Furthermore, the brand creates elegant stylistic combinations with the other furnishing elements that characterize the bathroom, such as the taps, the radiator, the furniture or the decorations chosen to personalize it. Instead, the frameless variant emphasizes the transparency of the glass and gives the shower enclosure a special harmony and aesthetic lightness. It thus blends perfectly into its surroundings and increases the perception of space, especially in small bathrooms.