FGI Flush Guard Toilets

February 27, 2024

FGI Industries, Ltd., a leading global supplier of kitchen and bath products, today announced the launch of Flush Guard at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. Leveraging an incredibly effective, patented anti-overflow drain system, Flush Guard Anti-Overflow Toilets effectively remove the fear of overflow, a feeling known as “Overflowbia.”

Flush Guard Anti-Overflow toilets feature one of the most powerful flushes on the market, making them difficult to clog in the first place. But in the unlikely event that the main drain becomes clogged, the three anti-overflow holes in the bowl allow water to escape through a secondary drain. And that anti-overflow drain is self-cleaning with every flush.

Flush Guard Toilets are stylish, high-quality, and easy to keep clean. Both the primary and secondary drains empty into a standard waste pipe and utilize standard fittings, so there’s no special installation or plumbing required, making them excellent as new construction and replacement toilets alike. When used as a replacement, a Flush Guard Toilet completely covers the area of the old toilet thanks to the industry’s largest footprint. Any marks or tile discolorations are thereby hidden, eliminating the need for costly surface repairs.

Flush Guard technology will initially be available to consumers on Craft + Main brand toilets online and in-store through authorized distributors as of April 2024.

Photo credit: FGI Industries