LUXE Linear Drains

September 28, 2015

LUXE Linear Drains has added the popular option of designing zero-threshold, barrier-free custom showers with the introduction of the new LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Tile Insert. Produced with architectural-grade, 100 percent stainless steel, the new tile inserts can accommodate any glass, porcelain or natural stone tiles up to ½-in thickness to create accessible, safe, wheel-in entry showers for all tub-to-shower conversions and modern custom showers. The new LUXE linear tile insert drains can be placed anywhere in the shower flooring layout and are designed to be flush with the actual shower flooring surface to create the illusion of water vanishing into the floor.

The new LUXE shower drains are fast and easy to install in new construction or for remodeling existing showers as well as for conversion projects. Like all LUXE shower drains, the new stainless steel linear tile insert drains feature universal design with welded 2- and 3-in. central diameter outlets for drains that simply replace the strainer and flange in all standard clamp-down shower floors. The new LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Tile Insert style linear drains are available in six standard sizes that can also be easily coupled for larger showers.