Mansfield Plumbing

May 17, 2016

The new cast acrylic Restore ACR Walk-In Tub from Mansfield Plumbing boasts a low seven-in. entry threshold, a 17-in. high ADA-compliant seat and an easy-to-access cable-operated drain. Available as a bathtub, whirlpool, air bath, combination whirlpool and air bath or MicroDerm Therapeutic Bath, Restore ACR is IAPMO approved and is manufactured in the United States.

All 10 models of the Restore ACR feature a non-rusting door hinge and handle, watertight inward swinging door, textured slip-resistant floor and a high seat that allows the bather to remain upright while being completely submerged. From an aesthetic standpoint, the Restore ACR offers a smooth, glossy appearance that will not fade, and it is easy to clean. Optional features include a heated seat and backrest. 

White Restore ACR walk-in tubs come in a 51½- by 30- by 40-in. size and fit through a standard bathroom doorway. Removable front and end panels allow easy access to the mechanics of the tub. A unique ozonator on the whirlpool and combination bath safely emits ozone into the waterlines of the unit to eliminate the growth of bacteria.