MrSteam Linear SteamHead

June 1, 2021

MrSteam expands its line of in-home steam experience products with seven new finishes and an added aroma tray to the signature Linear SteamHead in response to positive customer feedback and growing industry need. MrSteam continues to innovate the steam fixture by adding new installation brackets to the design – incorporating the Linear SteamHead to any project has never been easier. The award-winning and patented design disperses steam evenly and smoothly and is the quietest and most discreet of its kind – meeting customer and designer needs for a modern, sleek steam head that can complement any look.

The Linear SteamHead is now available in seven beautiful new designer finishes: brushed bronze, brushed nickel, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, polished chrome, polished nickel and satin brass.

The Linear SteamHead also now features an aroma tray to be used in conjunction with MrSteam AromaSteam Essential and Chakra Oils. The broad column of steam produced by the Linear SteamHead provides an ideal aromatherapy experience. The sleek and integrated oil tray is designed to infuse steam with essential oils, enhancing a steam experience through aromatherapy.

The sleek and innovative unit is designed to fit between two 16-in. on-center studs, making for easy installation. In response to customer feedback, MrSteam reengineered the install brackets, saving time and making the process simpler. When a discrete installation is desired, this steam head can still be tiled so only a slim opening remains visible, virtually disappearing into the steam shower wall.

Mounted flush to the wall, the steam head creates a wide ribbon of smooth, silent steam, distributed across extruded baffles. Its interior features an array of alternating and intersecting vanes that allow the incoming steam from the generator to expand, slow and quiet. What emerges on the long, narrow opening is a rich, billowy cloud of steam that envelope the space. Adding the Aroma Tray or AromaSteam System lets essential oil and fragrances fill the lungs and warmly embrace the skin.