Sbordoni Retro Bathtub Collection

March 16, 2022

Sbordoni introduces new bathtubs in a retro style made of an innovative material. Furnishing a bathroom in a retro style is not only a current trend, but it is also a specific choice of aesthetic quality. With its new collection, Sbordoni offers a style that has no geographical or time limits and it recalls the atmospheres of wonderful years filling the coziest rooms of the house with shining details and precious metals. It is the best expression of an elegance, which celebrates the routine of personal care, making it even more pleasant and relaxing. 

In a retro style bathroom, the bathtub is the element which best represents the atmosphere of and the taste for the past. Retro-style bathtubs by Sbordoni are distinguished by their soft and rounded forms, by their harmonious and perfect dimensions, their classic shaped feet in the form of lion’s paws and botanic details. The bathtubs also allow for customization of choosing the finish that best matches with the accessories of one’s bathroom, as well as with bathroom fittings. 

As far as the chosen materials are concerned, Sbordoni has added an innovative material that is frequently used for design and furniture, but which is perfect for bathroom fixture and bathroom furnishings too. It is Solid Surface, a composite material from natural mineral mixtures and acrylic resins that enabled the manufacture of highly resistant and malleable surfaces. Solid Surface is ideal both for flat and curved applications and, by means of manufacturing, it ensures a continuity in terms of forms, thus remaining unchanged over the time — an ideal fit for the retro style.