Schluter-KERDILINE-VARIO Linear Drain

September 19, 2023

Schluter-KERDI-LINE-VARIO, the next generation of linear drains, features a polypropylene drain with integrated bonding flange and a channel and grate assembly in brushed stainless that can be cut to size on-site to be customized to various shower sizes. 

When it comes to linear drains, it can be challenging to specify and source the required drain length during the project planning phase. KERDI-LINE-VARIO addresses this dilemma by offering complete customization — choose between a 4- and 8-ft.-length channel and grate, and simply cut the assembly to size on the job site. End caps are supplied to cover the cut edges of the grate, ensuring a clean, polished look. Only 1-11/16 inches wide, the channel and grate assembly features a sleek, slim look and is offered in four attractive grate designs — Floral, Herringbone, Slant and Square — to match the latest trends in tile.

The KERDI-LINE-VARIO drain body is made of polypropylene and includes both PVC and ABS couplings for a simple connection to the drainpipe. The flange features an integrated collar made of KERDI waterproofing membrane to integrate securely with the surrounding waterproofing assembly.

Unlike traditional linear drains, the linear channel is part of the grate assembly rather than the drain body. Since the channel and grate assembly can be cut to the desired size on either end, this allows for increased flexibility in the placement of the flange based on the position of the drainage outlet.

KERDI-LINE-VARIO is ideal for wall-to-wall installations and is suitable for both wall-adjacent and center-drain placement. Part of the Schluter-Shower System, KERDI-LINE-VARIO is designed for use in bonded waterproofing applications and is simple to install with either the Schluter-KERDI-SHOWER-LT/-LTS prefabricated trays or in mortar bed installations.