Waterworks Alatri Freestanding Oval Tub

July 3, 2023

The new Alatri Freestanding Oval Tub from Waterworks is an embodiment of modern elegance, meticulously crafted from a hand-selected block of highly figured Prunella marble. Its stunning scale and attention to detail make it a natural showstopper. 

Taking 40 days to manufacture, each Alatri tub undergoes a meticulous process, utilizing cutting-edge technology and precise measurements. The hand-finished details, such as the rich detailing at the base and the gently eased lip, add an extra touch of luxury. Carved from a single block of exquisite Italian stone, the tub is specifically designed to cater to a modern aesthetic. While Prunella is an exclusive stone option for this tub, clients have the option to special order it in other stone varieties including Carrara, Arabescato, Calacatta, Statuario, Bardiglio and Caldia. The Alatri tub is intended to be a statement piece for the primary bath, as part of a collection that aims to create beautiful, show-stopping pieces for primary, powder and secondary baths. The new Waterworks bathtub measures 67 by 32 by 24 inches.