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Belwith Keeler Bijou III

February 12, 2024

Two years ago, Belwith Keeler launched the Bijou Collection to award-winning acclaim. The second installment of jewelry-inspired hardware received overwhelming praise, receiving close to a dozen industry awards last year from industry media and associations. This year, the third installment will be the largest addition to the Bijou Collection.

The new designs joining the Bijou Collection include:

  • Akoya: Emulating the spherical forms of precious Akoya pearls, this dateless design encapsulates eternal simplicity.
  • Cinch: The icon of minimalist hardware, the lip pull category showcases a practical and restrained approach to outfitting cabinet door fronts. The polished and unobtrusive design of the Cinch pull acts as a supporting accent rather than overtaking the main event.
  • Fringe: Slick, clean and precise, the Fringe lip pull is a discreet modern design marked with angular features for a sharpened profile. With classic simplicity at its core, Fringe showcases all the hallmarks of practical minimalist design with a contemporary edge.
  • Mingle: A representation of sacred geometry, the circle is a universal ancient symbol representing unity, perfection, and wholeness. Two rings combine to present a timeless classy design.
  • Meandros: A design unabashedly inspired by the Greek key, it symbolizes eternal motion and the bonds of life and love. A distinct pattern that has become a staple in textiles and furnishings.
  • Polly: The Polly knob presents a dimensional geometric silhouette that is at once understated yet daring. Like a baguette cut gemstone, its simple geometry creates wide faceted planes primed for capturing just a hint of light.
  • Precedent: The foundation of many designs, the rectangular form strikes a balance with familiarity and security. With its innate basal shape, Precedent represents a strong structural attitude with a sense of permanence.
  • Luminescence: A lavish linear pattern radiates from the center, capturing light beautifully off every curve. Reminiscent of Art Deco sunburst motifs, the Luminescence pulls are a captivating blend of symmetry, repetition, and geometry.
  • Stesso: Strong and rigid architectural lines are juxtaposed with slight angles. This minimal design emphasizes structural elements over decorative design. Robust and gallant, utilize Stesso as a stand-alone piece or paired as door cabinet accents.
  • Paramount: Stately, impressive, and imposing, the lengthy Paramount pull is a showstopping design featuring three acrylic colors including a translucent tortoise shell, suspended from refined elegant posts, with gently flared endcaps. Paramount’s audacious scale makes for a head-turning statement.

Photo credit: Belwith Keeler

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