Coastal Shower Doors

October 3, 2016

Coastal Shower Doors‘ newest collection, the GRIDSCAPE Series, is now available in multiple configurations including a hinged shower door, a fixed panel, a sliding shower door and folding partitions for interior decorations. Constructed with a single pane of glass, full divided-light doors offer simple functionality and design flexibility. With multiple panes of glass separated by mullions, the glass in true divided-light doors is individually customizable. All GRIDSCAPE divided-light shower doors are available with a choice of three glass types: clear, satin and smoke gray. The clear glass option combined with the black anodized finish is perfect for those wanting an industrial-modern factory windowpane look; alternatively, the satin frosted glass provides the feel of Japanese shoji door, and the smoke gray glass contrasted with a chrome metal finish is ideal for those seeking a sleek and modern vibe. The brand’s bath and shower enclosures combine cutting-edge manufacturing with ultramodern design and are offered in all standard sizes and regularly create custom enclosures from concept to design to completion.