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Caesarstone Ooak Quartz Collection

March 15, 2024

Unveiling the evolution of surface aesthetics and applications, Caesarstone will launch the Ooak Collection (One-of-a-Kind Collection) in spring 2024, reinforcing the company’s commitment to impeccable detail that inspires true self-expression.

The Ooak Quartz Collection will feature seven new colors, made for people who value the details. Gold Finch, Aterra Verity (shown above), Calacatta Stillstorm, Rossa Nova, Celestial Sky, Calacatta Nectar, and Calacatta Scoria with be available in spring 2024.

Quartz is one of the fastest growing and most popular choices for surfaces, loved for its aesthetics, durability, and hygienic non-porous nature. The Ooak Quartz Collection redefines the language of veining in quartz surfaces – from delicate lines to bold statement veins – taking the idea of a traditional “marbled” look into the future. These new introductions blend design thinking with ancient aesthetics, stimulating the senses and calming the mind. Some deconstruct a classic vein structure, isolating and deepening specific areas, while others uplift the overall effect with highlights of gold, copper, and bronze.

These new Quartz designs are complex yet subtle, sophisticated yet powerful, adding timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Caesarstone is a global leader of premium surfaces, specializing in countertops that create dynamic spaces of inspiration in the heart of the home. Established in 1987, its multi-material portfolio of over 100 colors combines the company’s innovative technology with its powerful design passion. Spearheading high-quality, sustainable surfaces, Caesarstone delivers functional resilience with timeless beauty, for a vast range of applications, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and more, for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Photo credit: Ceasarstone

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