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CarbonShack Restorative Realm Wallpaper

March 19, 2024

CarbonShack, the Los Angeles-based design build and interiors firm focused on sustainable products, is pleased to release “Restorative Realm,” its debut collection of nature-inspired wallcoverings in Nolar, available in five patterns and nine colorways.

Featuring intricate patterns and motifs inspired by elements found in the natural world, the biophilic-inspired artisanal wallcoverings, in earthy, soothing shades and hues, evoke a sense of calm, serenity, and rejuvenation. Dominated with patterns exemplifying the building blocks of nature – from membranous structures to intricate mycelial networks with web-like patterns – the designs enhance the connection to nature in the home, leveraging the cognitive restoration associated with biophilia.

With seasonal pattern and colorway releases planned, the first series of CarbonShack’s wallpaper murals, “Restorative Realm” features microscopic motifs from nature’s fibrous forms and kelp, nature’s sustainably renewable resource, living beneath the ocean surface.

All designs are digitally-printed on Nolar, a high-performance, non-woven material manufactured without the use of PVC, a material with low recyclability that is considered to be “the single most environmentally damaging of all plastics.” Despite its inherent harm, PVC (polymerizing vinyl chloride), commonly known as vinyl, continues to be highly prevalent in the wallcoverings industry. PVC is produced from a polymerisation process known for its high energy consumption and the emission of toxic substances, whereas the wood pulp and natural fiber used to produce Nolar are sourced from FSC-certified forests.

Photo credit: CarbonShack

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