Ceramica Magica Microcosmi Collection

April 19, 2022

The latest creation from the Ceramica Magica brand is Microcosmi, a collection that the Terratinta Group brand is presenting for the first time. Microcosmi is a hymn to creative globalization and to the ability of ceramic wall tiles to become a constituent element of a project, both in terms of design and furnishings. Microcosmi bets on the contamination of styles by taking the most prestigious material and combining it with its opposite, creating an unexpected and contemporary harmony. 

Ceramica Magica proposes this line together with Materici, the collection launched by Sartoria, the Terratinta Group brand that offers handcrafted products and small sizes with special attention to color and that connects the perfection of the most refined and rare marbles with the imperfection of handcrafted bricks. A virtuous contrast that modernizes the classic and refines the contemporary. Ceramic tradition and design meet, reworking the theme of “handmade” in a contemporary key thanks to modern production systems. Alongside the tradition of Microcosmi, Materici offers highly polished porcelain stoneware bricks in the 6-by-25cm size that enrich surfaces with surprising color effects and plays of light. 

Microcosmi thus becomes a complete, unique and dynamic proposal whose added value lies in the conservative spirit of tradition updated by a production based on the latest technological innovations.

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