Colony Melograno Wallpaper

January 13, 2023

Colony, Italian editor of textiles and wallpapers with a contemporary classic style, introduces Melograno, part of its third wallpaper collection inside the Cleo C showroom in Rue Jacob – the brand’s exclusive retailer in the French capital for more than two decades.

Melograno is a lampas inspired by the decorative styles of Mughal India, already reinterpreted by European weavers in the 18th century. Pomegranate has always represented prosperity and wellness, already in ancient Rome and then in the Byzantine empire, as well as in the culture of central Asia. The deliberately asymmetrical pattern obviates the repetitiveness of the design and gets as close to reality as possible, as was already in use in the 1760s and 1770s. Available in 10 colors, Melograno is presented in Paris in new colors honey, pewter, orange, mint and Prussian blue.

Colony wallpapers are made with the aim of preserving the fabric’s own three-dimensionality, which results in excellent color rendition, a pleasant feel and meticulous reproduction of the nuances typical of yarns.

Characterized by great refinement and elegance Colony fabrics and wallcoverings pay homage to the fabric cultures of various parts of the world, in terms of aesthetics, production techniques and tradition, offering a selection which is refined for the decorations and precious for the workmanship and texture.

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