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Florim Nature Mood Collection

November 4, 2022

Florim has introduced the Nature Mood Collection, allowing the natural environment to “invade” man-made spaces, enter the home and become part of the way we sense and experience our surroundings, influencing our mood in a positive way. Floors, wall coverings and furniture become an emotional backdrop interwoven in a harmonious dialogue of nuances and veining, making it possible for us to rediscover that psycho-physical balance from which increasing urbanization and technology often distance us.  

In line with the latest trends in housing evolution, Nature Mood conceives of nature not only as a model, but also as a true mentor and gauge of human endeavor, something from which to acquire knowledge and with which to give life to increasingly environmentally friendly designs.  

In this collection, nature becomes an active component of design, mixing a palette of surfaces with warm hues that take their inspiration from the world of marbles and the material of wood, with clean, minimalist veining and an array of colors. The upshot is the attainment of elegant spaces that flow between interior and exterior, enhancing the presence of light so as to bestow a sensation of immersion in the natural environment at all times.  

The marble surfaces in the new Florim collection bring a new perspective to some of the most enchanting landscapes and natural binomials to be found on earth. The fine porcelain stoneware range satisfies a variety of design needs, both for interiors and façades. 

The marble-inspired surfaces are all available in comfort and glossy finishes of 6, 9 and 10 mm thickness in a variety of sizes. The wood-themed veneers are also available in 6 and 10 mm thickness with a comfort or structured finish.   


The range of backgrounds is enriched by five 6-mm thick fine porcelain stoneware decors that combine the colors of different wood-inspired surfaces.  

  • Hexagon offers a combination of three six-sided polygons, each of which in turn is divided into two different shades of wood. The composition is designed in two versions, the first combining the warm hues of Planks 01, 02 and 03, the second blending the cooler colors of Planks 04, 05 and 06.

  • French Herringbone immediately recalls the classic laying pattern for parquet flooring, in this case reformulated as an embellishment that alternates small slats in two colorings. The composition is available in two versions, one of which combines the amber shades of Planks 01 and 02, the other of which unites the gray tones of Planks 05 and 06.

  • Stripes offers an alternation of small strips in two colors. In this case, too, the range grants the designer the option of choosing between two variants, one that juxtaposes Planks 01 and 02, and one that combines Planks 05 and 06. 
  • Strip consists of a plank with thin and elongated lines available in all the colors in the collection.

  • Chevron recalls the homonymous pattern of timeless charm. Here again, the decor is offered in all six wood-effect colors of the collection. 

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