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Lithos Design Diamante Wallcovering

March 27, 2024

The facets of a precious gem repeated endlessly follow one another in the texture of Diamante modular covering. Translatable into different lithic materials, Diamante is part of Pietre Incise, Lithos Design’s iconic collection. A range of coverings that releases all the evocative strength of marble and lets its natural materiality shine through.

The secret of Pietre Incise’s success is rooted in the company’s in-depth knowledge of materials, in the use of cutting-edge processing technologies, in a production chain with reduced environmental impact and in the products’ adaptability to every space.

In addition to Diamante, the collection designed by Raffaello Galiotto includes twenty-five patterns, born after careful studies on the impact of light on the engraved stone. The brightness variations that mark the hours of the day emphasize the natural aspect and determine a fascinating alternation of light and shadow on the surfaces, making the walls come to life with ever-changing shades.

 Strengthened by a selection of high-quality marbles and a vast decorative and chromatic palette, Pietre Incise by Lithos Design offers designers a variety of solutions for designing the space with a covering idea that always meets expectations and supports professionals in the choice of the most suitable material to match the texture, selecting it based on the project and its specific needs. 

Photo credit: Lithos Design

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