Sian Zeng Floral Bath Wallpaper

November 27, 2022

Sian Zeng, a wallpaper company renowned for its fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics, introduces Floral Bath. Evoking the serenity of a spa-like sanctuary, the new collection celebrates the healing power of water. A myriad of handpainted flowers drift gently across the surface of a crystal clear water landscape, creating a magical interplay of shadows and refracted light.

Sian’s idea for the Floral Bath pattern came about during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Home had become her place of work and leisure, while also being the only space in which to wind down, relax and switch off at the end of the day. She had the idea to recreate the luxury of a spa in her own bathroom by adding locally picked wild flowers and essential oils to the bath. The flowers floating on the water cast beautiful painterly shadows, which were so mesmerizing, she decided to design a wallpaper around this theme.

True to her signature style, Sian has created a design with repeats that are visibly seamless. The result is a wallpaper that resembles a large-scale painting.

For the design, artist Irina Vakuleva painted more than 82 individual flowers by hand. The artwork has been authentically replicated, giving the wallpaper the effect of a painted mural. Floral Bath was also designed with the potential to be used on the ceiling, allowing you to lie back in the bathtub and look up at a sea of flowers. The wallpaper can repeat horizontally every 210cm and vertically every 320cm. Even in rooms that are long and narrow, the long repeat makes this suitable for any ceiling.

Born in China, Sian spent her formative years in Hungary where her love of drawing flourished, enchanted by the whimsical illustrations in the children’s folktale books she grew up with.