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Tesselle Tapa Cement Tile Collection

January 10, 2023

The Tapa Cement Tile Collection was created for Tesselle by Josh Agle, who is known as the artist Shag, and comprises 15 designs – five patterns in three color combinations – that can combine to form a wide variety of original patterns. Patterns include Fourleaf, Petal, Flower, Largeleaf and Hourglass, which colors include green, blue and flame. Montage (pictured in green) is created using the 8-in. square tiles of the patterns together in equal proportions. The new collection can be used on floors and walls, indoors or out.

This fabulous line of tiles is available now on the Tesselle website and will be featured in a 400-sq.-ft. installation at The Shag House during Modernism Week in February.

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