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Wallpepper 2024 Collection

March 24, 2024

With the new catalog, WallPepper/Group tells its way of living, portraying and projecting contemporary interior design through wall decoration. In addition, the 2024 catalogue is a celebratory volume, commemorating the brand’s first 10 years. Ten years of technical and artistic explorations, that led to the creation of extremely high quality wallpapers, tailor-made using eco-friendly and certified materials, studied and developed for specific functions.

The new volume opens with a special section dedicated to this anniversary: collaborating with ten artists very close to the brand, WallPepper/Group created an exclusive wallpaper collection, where the authors interpreted the universe of meanings that, in their own opinion, communicates the spirit of the brand at its best. The artworks they created, playing with the graphic identity of the company, the logo and its colors, truly are real visual quotes of the brand itself.

The 2024 collection consists of almost 100 unpublished, original and impressive graphics (including Lunare Lorenzo Puglisi, shown above). Every image represents a thrilling chapter of this new volume, narrated in its possible setting, with all the available colour variations and close-ups on details. Each graphic is tailored and proportioned according to the dimensions of the surface to be decorated, ensuring a perfect adjustment.

The 2024 catalog comes as a combination of extraordinary pictures, which can transform nature, colors, architectures, landscapes, fantasy and dreams in decoration and embrace everyday spaces, creating atmospheres and sceneries that adjust to environment’s personality and function.

Photo credit: Wallpepper/Group

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