WallPepper/Group 2022 Collection

April 28, 2022

WallPepper/Group presents its 2022 collection, images that are not just a simple background but a true  distinctive element of interior design that carries specific functionalities and features. With the images of 2022 collection WallPepper/Group again subverts the concept of wallpaper. Surfaces become a way to characterize spaces, both aesthetically — giving rooms unique personality and atmosphere, difficult to obtain otherwise — and project-oriented, responding to the actual features and necessities of spaces. 

Graphics are born from the creativity of several international artists coordinated by the in-house creative team. According with the context of use, they can be printed on different materials (all certified) that transform the wallpaper in a highly performing decorative support. 

As a result, the expressive and emotional power of the images translates into practical functionality; for example, wallpaper can make a room appear wider, gain deepness or brightness, exalt its architecture, it can help to conceal flaws or to visually divide spaces, separating areas with different functions. 

Natural inspiration, evocative urban settings, unexpected mix of shapes and colors, scenographic compositions, optical illusions and surprising geometries, images from design, architecture and art — all this gives life to the new 2022 collection. The floor-to-ceiling images can add value and furnish any setting, both indoor and outdoor, thanks to the brand’s innovative print techniques and the absolute quality that defines WallPepper/Group production.