WarmlyYours ThermalSheet

March 14, 2024

WarmlyYours has launched a new insulating underlayment for use with electric floor heating systems.

The new product, ThermalSheet, is a synthetic cork underlayment that comes in 2′ by 3′ sheets. It is installed on top of a subfloor and below a heating element. It is recommended when installing an electric floor heating system over a concrete slab to prevent heat loss. By creating a thermal break, the heat is prevented from sinking into the concrete, and more heat radiates into the floor covering and room.

Julia Billen, owner and president of WarmlyYours, said that ThermalSheet was developed to replace a previous insulating underlayment for a number of reasons, chief among those was availability for end users. According to Billen, the American-made ThermalSheet will not suffer from the same supply chain issues that the previous iteration did.

In addition to preventing unnecessary heat loss, ThermalSheet offers some additional sound dampening benefits and double the crack isolation benefits when compared to cork. The product is about 25 times lighter than traditional backer board and is less than a quarter inch thick so it won’t significantly increase floor height.

Photo credit: WarmlyYours