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Bette Suno Tub

January 7, 2024

Part of the new Bette Suno collection designed by Barber Osgerby, this freestanding tub has a pared-down design. The completely symmetrical footprint of the 1800 x 800 mm bath appears clear and harmonious and, with its vertically running exterior and wide, outwardly projecting rim, references classic bath design.

The protruding rim is flat, so that it can be used as a comfortable head and arm rest when bathing, as well as a shelf for toiletries. When standing up or sitting down, it serves as a grab rail, if required. Ergonomically designed back slopes at each end, a generous interior and centrally positioned waste outlet ensure a high level of comfort when bathing alone or together.

With a great deal of attention to detail and understanding of material and function, Barber Osgerby and Bette have succeeded in bringing a minimalist design language into the bathroom with BetteSuno, which fits perfectly into sophisticated bathroom architecture.

Complementing BetteSuno, Barber Osgerby has also designed fittings for AXOR in the same design language.

Photo credit: Bette

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