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Duka Digital Design Platform

March 5, 2024

Duka has developed a new digital platform to create a customized configuration path for new shower enclosures, thereby guiding the user toward the most suitable option to meet any need of the bathroom space in which it is to be installed.

The innovative configurator provides a dynamic visualization of all the product lines that make up the company’s offerings. Since a shower enclosure is a highly complex product that combines several variants as well as technical and aesthetic features, Duka Digital was created with the aim of facilitating the choice of the “ideal” product and to improve, from a practical point of view, the sales consultancy.

The platform, which incorporates the company’s system of rules and know-how, makes it possible to obtain complete, correct and up-to-date information on a given product solution. The results of the different shower enclosure configurations are accessible from the website at any time.

The platform includes Duka My Measure, the new tool to guide the measurement process and make it easier and faster, enabling the collection of accurate and orderly documentation so that the most suitable solutions can be found.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Duka

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