Empava Arianna Innovation Series

March 12, 2024

Empava introduces the industry’s first 36-inch induction range with a 4,000-watt center heating zone for residential use, with the ability to maintain a consistent 400 watts for precise simmering. The Arianna Innovation Series Induction Range elevates any kitchen space with its timeless design, showcasing its striking, unique teal LED lighting, diamond etched knobs and a heavy weight knurled bar handle with champagne end caps.

Key features of the 36-inch Arianna Innovation Series Induction Range:


  • Versatile burners with power boost: Serving as an industry-first for residential use, the cooktop features a robust 4000-watt center heating zone with a power boost, with versatile surrounding burners that reach 1,850 watts and offer as low as 400 watts for more delicate dishes.
  • Distinctive design elements: Designed with a focus on the smaller details, the range features textured, diamond-etched knobs that have a 45-degree chamfered trim, a heavy-weight, knurled pull handle with champagne colored end caps, and striking, industry unique teal LED lights.
  • Proprietary MagniBridge technology: Our MagniBridge technology is incorporated into each of the flanking burners, enabling the heating zones to sync temperatures to create a spacious, griddle style cooking surface with even heat distribution that can be controlled in unison.
  • Crafted for durability: The sleek, black glass surface is resistant to chips, stains, and heat discoloration, ensuring the cooktop maintains a pristine appearance through even the most challenging recipes.

Photo credit: Empava