Fotile Moonshadow Collection

February 23, 2024

Fotile, an esteemed pioneer in household appliances on a global scale, proudly announces its participation in the Kitchen and Bath Industry Business Show (KBIS) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, taking place from February 27th to February 29th. Featured products that will be on display at KBIS 2024 include the Moonshadow Collection.

Inspired by the intricate artistry of Chinese ink paintings and refined through meticulous craftsmanship, the exclusive Moonshadow Collection stands as a testament to subtlety, adaptability, and elegance. Derived from countless household visits and refined through a rigorous sampling process, the Moonshadow color palette sets a new standard in sophistication, while the premium AG glass material, which is found in iPhone screens, yields an anti-glare, fingerprint-proof, pearl-like finish. The collection includes:


  • 30” Moonshadow Slant Vent Range Hood | JQG7507-Y: Shown above, this innovative slant vent range hood prevents the dispersion of harmful smoke and odors in the kitchen thanks to its unique 90-degree automatic capture shield, powerful dual DC motors, and extra-wide fume inlet that delivers consistent suction from all angles. Exclusive to the Moonshadow Collection, this range hood will seamlessly synchronize with the Moonshadow Tri-Ring Cooktop and automatically turn on the fan and LED lights at the turn of a knob. Enhancing convenience, it also features motion activation for hands-free operation, an auto delay shut-off, and a screen lock for easy cleaning.
  • 30″ Moonshadow Tri-Ring Cooktop | GLG30401-Y: Meticulously crafted with frosted matte anti-glare glass, this cooktop exemplifies enduring beauty and effortless maintenance. The Tri-Ring Burner supports versatile cooking styles and provides swift and uniform heat control, guaranteeing culinary perfection. With precision temperature regulation, edge-to-edge grates, and a user-friendly interface, this cooktop caters to professionals and cooking enthusiasts alike. Additionally, for enhanced safety, the Tri-Ring Cooktop has sync capabilities to FOTILE range hoods and a flame failure detection feature that swiftly cuts off the gas supply within 20 seconds if the burner fails to ignite to prevent hazards such as gas leaks or fire.

Photo credit: Fotile