Miele G7000 Dishwasher Updates

March 6, 2024

Miele, the world’s largest manufacturer of premium domestic appliances, has announced the introduction of new and updated features in the company’s G7000 dishwashers, making the line more convenient and sustainably focused. The updated G7000 models include an updated AutoDos with PowerDisk system that automatically provide the right amount of detergent during each load for perfect results, an even quieter operation, as well as an enhanced dishwasher basket design for reusable bottles, straws, and smaller items.

Robust Cleaning & Maintenance-Friendly: The proprietary AutoDos with PowerDisk technology, which automatically dispenses the precise amount of detergent based on the selected program and degree of soiling, is now more robust and maintenance friendly.

Quieter Operation: Now Miele has ensured G7000 dishwashers are quieter than ever, reaching an almost inaudible 37 dB in the Extra Quiet program.

Basket Design Enhanced for Reusables Bottles: The collection now features a new basket design including more FlexiCare Glass & Bottle inserts, MultiClips, new XL Assist and StrawClean, making it easier to clean reusable straws, bottles and smaller sustainable containers. Each detail of the G7000 dishwasher basket has been considered and now offers additional unique solutions. Everything has its proper place for the best cleaning possible. Users can also adjust the basket configuration conveniently with the flick of a wrist.

Photo credit: Miele