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PlasmaMade E-Filter

November 25, 2023

The PlasmaMade E-Filter is a revolutionary plasma filter with E-technology that does not need semi-annual replacement and performs much better than traditional carbon filters. This filter also eliminates the costly and complicated chore of installing a ventilation duct and gives kitchen designers greater flexibility in design or redesign of kitchen spaces. Additionally, the E-Filter eliminates viruses and other pollutants (including odors and allergens) down to 0.1 micron.

Most kitchens use outdoor extraction or carbon filters to remove cooking odors. These solutions are costly and unsustainable in the long term. PlasmaMade offers prolonged savings. Unlike carbon filters that need frequent replacement, this solution can save customers up to $6,600 across 12.5 years on average.

With 90% of time spent indoors, air quality matters more than ever. The PlasmaMade E-Filter fits any existing range hood, providing cleaner air than outdoor conditions. It removes vent worries and frequent changes, bringing in pure, hassle-free air.

Through Electrostatic Discharge technology (ESD), the E-Filter removes odors, allergens, particles and microorganisms effectively. Operating actively for 10-15 years, it minimizes costs and waste.

Photo credit: PlasmaMade B.V.

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