SMEG Vitality System

March 7, 2024

As SMEG’s latest innovation to prepare and preserve high quality, healthy food, the revolutionary 3-part Vitality System is comprised of a Blast Chiller, Vacuum Drawer, and Combi-Steam Oven:


  • Blast Chiller: A Best of KBIS Award finalist in the “Game-Changing Innovation” category, the Blast Chiller is used to preserve the quality of food through the process of rapid cooling on demand, stopping the growth of bacteria and increasing shelf life by up to 70%. It features automatic functions for beginners and manual controls for more experienced users, offering a range of cold and hot programs, plus new functions: yogurt and multi-step, which activates two different programs consecutively, performing all preparations automatically.
  • Vacuum Drawer: Allows users to create professional results in the comfort of their own homes with a vacuum sealing process that rapidly slows down the deterioration and oxidation of food, protecting from bacteria while locking in nutrients, flavors, and aromas.
  • Combi-Steam Oven: Combines traditional cooking functions with steam to optimize healthy food preparation. Additionally, the Sous Vide function is created specifically for cooking vacuum packed food for fresh, nutrient-dense, on-demand, quick meals.

The SMEG 3-part Vitality System provides a response to some of the common struggles of maintaining healthy eating habits:

  1. Freeze seasonal fruit and vegetables to use fresh year-round with the blast chiller.
  2. Keep delicious ingredients fresh for longer periods of time without losing their quality and authentic taste with the vacuum drawer.
  3. Cook your preserved fresh ingredients in the steam oven for a healthy meal that retains 100% of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Photo credit: SMEG