Tulip Cooking Modular Gas

March 8, 2024

Tulip Cooking, the pioneering innovator in gas and induction cooktop systems, is proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary new product, Tulip Modular Gas.

Tulip Cooking’s cooktop burners have always appeared to be floating on any countertop surface. The new Tulip Modular Gas cooktops take that appearance and expand on it significantly. Tulip Modular Gas offers the same small (6,500 BTU0, medium (12,500 BTU) and large with simmer (18,000/ 650 BTU) sizes that are available now. However, Tulip Cooking’s smart valve technology allows for nearly unlimited burner and control placement flexibility, something that hadn’t been possible before.

The household gas supply connects to only one primary burner and additional burners can be linked together in a daisy chain from that primary burner. This ability, when combined with Tulip Cooking’s hand-crafted gas burners, removes virtually all obstacles to burner placement.

The control knobs for Tulip Modular Gas sit flush with the countertop or countertop edge when not in use. Once activated, the controller rises up and the burner lights up white to indicate that the burners ready for use. The burner turns red while in use and while it’s still hot. After the burner has cooled, the LED lights turn blue and the controller knob can be returned to its flush with the countertop position.

The Tulip Cooking Modular Gas system is available at appliance showrooms and select kitchen design studios in North America.

Photo credit: Tulip Cooking