Verona Appliances

August 5, 2016

Verona Appliances, known for Italian crafted appliances made for the U.S. market, has released the 36-in. Induction 5-Zone Cooktop. The new cooktop features several safety benefits including a booster/fast boil function on all zones, which shuts off after 10 minutes and then automatically brings the setting down to the highest standard heat setting; a pan detection system to detect the size and shape of the cookware and heat only that cooking area; a hot surface/residual heat indicator; auto shut-off in the case of spillage, incorrect pan usage or if no cookware is detected and an audible alarm to alert of spillage or cooktop malfunction. The induction cooktop comes in a sleek black easy-to-clean ceramic glass, and the five high-power zones feature a fast boil setting for rapid cooking as well as a low power setting for delicate meals. Each zone features eight distinct power levels plus a BOOST function, all easily regulated by soft touch digital display controls.