Aran Cucine CUCINAnD’O Kitchen

March 29, 2024

Starting from simple things, CUCINAnD’O from Aran Cucine in its new configuration emphasizes the values of conviviality: teamwork, even in the kitchen, and welcoming guests. Although the shape shifts from round to rectangular, the essence remains the same: the elm wood snack, one of Chef Davide Oldani’s favorite essences, features a space below the work surface, clearly inspired by the tables of his restaurant D’O, adapted in a domestic version to accommodate personal items. The bottom part of the snack is specially designed to encourage involvement in interpersonal relationships.

This space therefore serves as a dedicated area to place electronic devices, allowing people to digitally disconnect and fully focus on conversations and shared culinary experiences. An approach that reflects the value of conviviality and human connection, emphasizing the importance of creating meaningful bonds and sharing authentic moments around the table.

The sharing and conviviality of CUCINAnD’O tell a new perspective: that of social sustainability, focused on recovering human relationships to give people spaces and moments of connection and value.

Innovation and cutting-edge design are reflected both in the aesthetic aspect and in the volumes: the operational area expresses the modernity of an induction system embedded in a stainless-steel worktop, complemented by practical black aluminum shelves to support pots and utensils.

Representing the epitome of functionality is the system of retractable doors that runs along the entire kitchen wall: by utilizing compartments and organizing retractable shelves dedicated to the oven compartment, it makes its function easier, ensuring safety and practicality during kitchen activities.

The continuous search for comfort, both functional and emotional, returns in the dialogue between the matte grey lacquered open module and the black metal bookcase. Equipped with shelves, in their simplicity, they combine maximum elegance with practicality, allowing the best use of the available convivial space.

CUCINAnD’O, through the adoption of durable materials and the inclusion of high-energy efficiency appliances, is inspired by the principles of a sustainable kitchen that involves and sensitizes those who inhabit and use it. In line with Aran Cucine’s green philosophy, even the finishes: the paints used for wood are made with sustainable processes and are antibacterial, while the solvents used are water-based.

In a context and at a time where environmental awareness plays an increasingly crucial role, CUCINAnD’O presents itself as the innovative kitchen that combines culinary art with sustainability.

Photo credit: Aran Cucine