March 11, 2019

Richelieu complements its selection of kitchen accessories by introducing Fioro – stylish pull-out shelves that combine high-quality metal shelves with wood front panels and side rails. This innovative solution helps create design harmony in interior decor. Fioro offers both an aesthetic and functional solution, providing outstanding design for the inside of cabinets. The pull-out shelves and fronts now harmonize with the other elements of décor in the living space.

Richelieu offers Fioro in a pull-out pantry system, the Snello pull-out base cabinet system, Extendo base cabinet pull-out storage and the Magic corner cabinet solution. The side rail inserts can be changed out and made of glass or acrylic panels, laminates or any other panel of your choosing. The railing inserts and coordinating non-slip mats can easily be removed for cleaning.