Ruvati HexBottom Sinks

February 24, 2024

Ruvati combines style and practicality with their latest design innovation – HexBottom sinks. This patent-pending technology brings an embossed finish to stainless steel sink bottoms that is both beautiful and functional. The etched geometric print manifests as a subtle texture that protects against surface scratches and daily wear. With its stylish hexagonal pattern, HexBottom is the new must-have option for today’s busy kitchens.

Now is the time to toss those traditional sink grids that are unsightly and difficult to clean around. Hexbottom is a fresh alternative perfect for modern kitchens with its clutter-free aesthetic and stylish matte finish. Ruvati offers HexBottom in two extraordinary sink designs. Gravena Hex is an undermount sink with a deep rectangular basin and curved corners. Its spacious 30″ capacity is sized to handle the largest pots and pans with ease. Roma Hex is a workstation sink with Ruvati’s signature built-in ledge to accommodate the sliding accessories, including a composite cutting board, and the brand’s patented folding drying rack. Both sinks are constructed from premium 16-gauge stainless steel that will never rust or stain, and covered by Ruvati’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Photo credit: Ruvati