Baldwin Hardware Reserve Escutcheons

September 7, 2021

Baldwin Hardware of Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc. has unveiled new large interior escutcheon designs with enhanced egress functionality into their handleset offering. Baldwin Reserve also unveiled the addition of a new satin brass PVD finish, now available in both the brand’s Traditional and Contemporary Design categories.

Specifically, five new, large interior escutcheon designs join the Reserve handleset lineup, covering a range of design aesthetics while maintaining performance and a premium look. All new escutcheon designs will be available in egress functionality that makes opening a locked door from the inside a one-step process with an interconnected cartridge between the deadbolt and door latch. Full dummy interior options are also available in the new styles without a deadbolt turn piece.

The five new options include:

  • Square Bevel Escutcheon: Supporting the Del Mar and Longview handlesets and available in a variety of eight Traditional and two Rustic finishes, providing a streamlined, beveled square design.
  • Elizabeth Escutcheon: Available to support the Elizabeth handleset in eight Traditional finishes, the Elizabeth egress escutcheon features an arched rose and beautifully coordinating ornate detail.
  • Traditional Arched Escutcheon: Supporting the New Hampshire handleset in eight Traditional finishes, this design features a classic, arch design.
  • Contemporary Square Escutcheon: Designed to complement the Miami, Seattle and Santa Cruz handlesets and available in six Contemporary finishes, this style offers a clean, contemporary squared design with a streamlined turnpiece.
  • Rustic Arched Escutcheon: Offered for the Elkhorn or Kodiak handlesets and available in two Rustic finishes, the Rustic Arched style is simple, bold and welcoming.

Baldwin Hardware

Baldwin Reserve is also introducing the new satin brass PVD finish into the Traditional and Contemporary categories. Aligning with popular muted brass trends seen throughout various market categories, the finish exudes elegance and warmth, combined with the benefit of a lifetime finish warranty. Guaranteed to withstand the elements, this PVD finish, will retain its appearance and is resistant to corrosion, even in extreme climates and coastal areas.