Blum Aventos Cover Cap Line

October 23, 2021

Blum Inc. has introduced more color options for its Aventos cover cap line. Along with a new look, the cover caps are now available in silk white, light gray and dark gray.

Since the pandemic, homeowners are choosing bolder colors across the board in paint and cabinetry to create a focal point. In an effort to make interior cabinet hardware aesthetically pleasing, Blum expanded its color options to allow designers and homeowners to choose a color complementary to their cabinetry. The three color options allow for Aventos hardware to blend discreetly into the cabinet or stand out to add another layer of depth to the cabinet.

An improvement in design has also been made to the Aventos cover caps. The new linear, sleeker design for Aventos HF, HS and HL now visually matches that of Aventos HK top and HK-S, allowing a uniform design to be implemented across the whole platform. The new design lends itself to more of a minimalist appearance in both the standard and Servo-Drive options.

Aventos lift systems move cabinet doors up and out of the way so the user has full access to the cabinet without having to worry about dodging cabinet doors. There are six lift styles available to suit a wide variety of applications.